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Clint Latham

vCIO, IT Guru Veterinary IT Support

There are just a few people in this world that will treat me with the honesty needed to become a better person and a better leader - and do it in a way that shows the utmost care and respect and with a clear driving force of helping you to become the best person you can be. When it came time to focus on building the culture, we wanted at IT Guru, VeterinaryITSupport.com, there was one only one candidate for the job, Josh Vaisman at Flourish Veterinary Consulting.  Working with Josh has been nothing short of amazing and has become our go to for all things culture and lifting our staff to be the best they can be. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the leader I am without the support of Flourish Veterinary Consulting.

Brad Patton

CEO • Veterinary System Services

Professionally, we hired Josh to come keynote our client "Thank You" event in February, 2019.  The evening was well received.  The reviews were stellar.  The word, "profound," was used the most.  His presentation on the emerging science of workplace wellbeing should be a mandatory part of early management training in veterinary medicine.  I highly recommend Josh Vaisman to any other business owner looking to improve the working environment for their staff.

Personally, I have seen Josh speak at a few events now.  He does an incredible job of catering or adapting to the crowd so that the presentation fits the audience.  He is lively and very relatable.  Every presentation has held the attention of the attendees, sparking further conversation well after his talk has ended.  He is an excellent speaker.

Kat Burns, CVPM, CAWA

Director of Operations & Veterinary Services • Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Over the last year, I’ve worked closely with Josh and Marianne and I can’t recommend Flourish Veterinary Consulting more highly! My organization invited their team to assist with a deep dive into our strategic plan. Together they worked with our diverse leadership group and offered wisdom and insight to critical issues where their outside perspective was absolutely invaluable. 


As consultants they are unique in that they are both consummate professionals and seem to listen more than they speak. They offer insight and wisdom in a caring, compassionate way and bring exceptional knowledge and experience to the table. As speakers they are engaging, funny, and insightful and come prepared. I feel I learn so much from what they have to offer and their passion for the topic shines through.

Dr. Ariel Fagen

Owner • The Veterinary Behavior Center

Marianne and Josh are knowledgeable, approachable, realistic and a fun duo to work with. Their experience is evident in the advice I receive. I leave each conversation with them confident in the direction I need to go or with helpful "homework assignments" to move me in the right direction. They have listened to what I want out of my practice, for my practice and for my life and help me keep those goals ever in mind as I move towards implementation. I trust that my best interest and the best interest of my practice is at the heart of each conversation. Perhaps most importantly, my professional life is significantly less stressful because of their support and for that, I will be forever grateful. They help make the magic happen. Thank you, Marianne and Josh!

Ria Botzler, CVPM

Hospital Administrator • Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital

We as a profession are facing a crisis. Phrases like "compassion fatigue" "burnout" "being lost to the profession" are commonplace. There is a lot said about what is going wrong in the veterinary profession, but little said about how to make it right again.  Josh and Marianne have a real world perspective to the challenges facing veterinary professionals, but also a down-to-earth perspective on how to heal your practice from the inside out. In their revolutionary approach they take you inside what is happening in the heads of your staff and how to create an environment where compassion and well-being stay at the heart of your practice both for the animals and humans.  The interactive approach gives you practical tools you can take to heart and use at your Monday morning huddle.  I would highly recommend each veterinary professional explore this life-changing information and see for yourself how Flourish Veterinary Consulting can help you perform "CPR" to revive your practice and your bottom line.

Angela Jones, BS, AAS, CVT

Treasurer • Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians

Prior to registering for Josh’s workshop, I decided to do a little research into career well-being and positive psychology.  Even prepared with my own research, I was very impressed at how well-informed Josh was and how specific his research was tailored to Veterinary professionals.  He was able to create a relaxed and safe environment, contributing to a very open dialog between all Veterinary Technicians in attendance.  Josh presented us with specific and easily implemented tools to help anyone, even in the busiest veterinary hospitals, deal with tough situations.  I imagine that most, if not everyone in attendance, went to work the next week and shared at least some of the information Josh presented. It’s long over-due that the veterinary industry realizes the importance of well-being, happiness, and balance in life, and I am grateful Josh and his team at Flourish Veterinary Consulting are leading the way. 

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