the obstacles keeping you and your team from being the best you can be.


We'll measure the current culture and well-being of your hospital using our survey tool.  It's built on the latest science of thriving teams to give you actual scores.

With the scores we collect and our detailed analysis you'll have a clear picture of where your team is, where they can be, and how you can help them get there.


the skills to help your team shine.

Your leadership superpowers are already there.  As your guide, we'll  help you unleash them for good.

We'll provide you with a live, virtual leadership training event, leveraging the science of Positive Leadership and customized to meet your needs.  And you can invite any key team members you'd like to attend!


into the leader you deserve to be.

You and your team deserve to feel fulfilled in your work.  We'll help you cultivate the resilience to get there.

After your personalized Leadership Training, you'll receive a series of virtual professional leadership coaching sessions.  Your Flourish coach will work with you over 4 separate 1-hour sessions to help you implement your personalized Positive Leadership plan.

     You'll be getting:

  1. A full-hospital survey & report of results

  2. An exclusive, live leadership training webinar

  3. 4 hours of professional leadership coaching

For a limited time

only $2500

A $5000 Value